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San Diego State University


  • Bill Zahner and teachers
  • SEEE Seminar Fall 2015 flyer
  • Randy Philipp at SDSU Convocation
  • Aztec Science Camp Summer 2016
  • MSED Summer 2016 Graduates
  • Rochelle Gutiérrez DL talk
  • Discovery Slams with Randy Philipp
  • CRMSE Provides Stage screen capture

Bill Zahner Works with Teachers on Math for English Learners

Bill Zahner is working with local teachers to make math friendlier for English Learners.

SEEE Seminar about the Maker Movement

The Fall 2016 Seminar addressed the modern Maker movement, the challenges and opportunities presented by it, and its impact on education. To watch Jessica Parker's talk, click here.

Randy Philipp Wins Monty

Randy Philip was awarded a Monty at the SDSU Convocation on August 25, 2016. He's pictured here with a few friends.

Aztec Science Camp Has a Great Summer 2016

SDSU Newscenter and KUSI provided in-depth coverage of Aztec Science Camp

Three MSED Students Graduate

Congrats to John Gruver, Brooke Ernest, and Casey Hawthorne on their Summer 2016 graduations! MSED (Mathematics and Science Education Doctoral Program) is jointly sponsored by UCSD and SDSU.

2016 Distinguished Lecturer—Rochelle Gutiérrez

Rochelle Gutiérrez (University of Illinois) came to SDSU to talk about "subversive teaching" by math teachers to address social justice. Click to watch the video of her talk.

Discover Slams with Randy Philipp

Watch Randy Philip's presentation at the March 9 Discovery Slams. Discovery slams are short (10 min) presentations that describe research discoveries made by SDSU faculty and their students.

CRMSE Provides Stage for Global Sharing of Ideas

Informed & Inspired, the COE Newsletter, covers CRMSE in their December 2015 edition.

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