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San Diego State University


Computing Principles for All Students’ Success (ComPASS)

Principal Investigator: Alexander Chizhik.  Funded by the National Science Foundation. Funding period: January 2012–2015.

Seeking an effective strategy for building a computationally savvy 21st century workforce for US global leadership, this project will establish a multi-pronged, flexible, scalable training and support of instructors to teach a CS Principles course targeted to all students entering post-secondary education, thereby accelerating implementation of broad-based, inclusive, and motivational education in computing foundations and computational thinking for all students in San Diego high schools. The ComPASS project seeks to springboard Southern California students into computing education, impacting ~5000 students, 105 pre-service teachers, and 19 in-service teachers. Leveraging UCSD’s successful pilot of the CS10K project’s proposed AP CS Principles, we will build local capacity and competency in teaching this course in the 2 leading San Diego-area universities, 5 local community colleges, and 15 local high schools.