Reducing Bottlenecks and Improving Student Success in Large Enrollment Statistics Courses

Principal Investigator: Rich Levine.  Funded by CSU Chancellor's Office Promising Course Redesign Grant. 

Stat 250 is a general elective introductory statistics and data analysis course for students throughout the sciences, social sciences, health and human services, and business.  This course redesign develops a flipped classroom format whereby students learn core statistical concepts in online videos created by the instructors and participate in computer data analysis labs and directed problem-solving discussions.  The aim of this approach is to teach statistics by doing, internalizing key concepts in experimental design, data collection, and analysis as well as by statistical communication and assessments through an active classroom learning environment.  The ultimate goal is to scale this effort up to all introductory statistics courses taught on campus, through online core concept lectures and subject-specific data analysis/statistical problem-solving laboratories.