Teaching Inquiry-oriented Mathematics: Establishing Supports (TIMES)

Principal Investigators: Christine Larson, Estrella Johnson, Karen Keene; Curricular Consultants: Sean Larsen, Chris Rasmussen, Megan Wawro, Michelle Zandieh. Funded by: National Science Foundation 2014 –2017.

The TIMES project explores what it takes to scale-up inquiry-oriented instruction in undergraduate mathematics (specifically in the context of linear algebra, abstract algebra, and differential equations) by developing and examining a system of instructional supports. This system of supports is comprised of a) instructional support materials, b) summer workshops, and c) weekly online teacher workgroups organized by content area. This system of supports will be iteratively refined by drawing on multiple data sources: instructor surveys and interviews, video data of summer workshops and online workgroups, video data of participants’ instruction, and student assessment data. The final two data sources will also be used to assess the effectiveness of the instructional support system and explore aspects of instruction that relate to greater student learning gains.