Larry Sowder


  • 1986–2004: Professor, San Diego State University

  • 1984–1986: Professor, Northern Illinois University
    Summer 1984: Visiting Associate Professor, Oregon State University

  • 1975–1983: Associate Professor, Northern Illinois University

  • 1975–1976: Research Associate, University of Oregon

  • 1969–1975: Assistant Professor, Northern Illinois University

  • 1961–1965: Mathematics and Physics Teacher, and Dept. Chair, North Judson Schools, Indiana

Research interest

My recent interest in college students’ learning of mathematical proof/justification continues, as does an earlier interest in problem solving, especially students’ work on story problem.


The Development of Proof Understanding, Production, and Appreciation. National Science Foundation, 1995–1999. Grant to Purdue University (G. Harel, PI), subcontract to San Diego State University.

Reforming the Preparation and Professional Development of Elementary and Middle School Mathematics Teachers. National Science Foundation, 1994–1998. (J. Sowder, PI)

Linking the Mathematical Operations to their Applications. National Science Foundation Grant MDR 8850566, 1989–1991.


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Educating Teachers of Science, Mathematics, and Technology: New Practices for the New Millennium. (2001). Member of National Research Council Committee contributing to the document.

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Selected Presentations

Reconceptualizing Mathematics: Courseware for Elementary and Middle Grade Teachers. Presentation at the annual meeting of the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics. Washington, DC, April, 1998. (With J. Sowder, J. Bernhard, L. Clement).

Classifying Processes of Proving. Annual Meeting of the International Group for Psychology in Mathematics Education, Valencia, Spain, July, 1996. (With G. Harel, who presented the paper.)

Interviewing Undergraduate Majors about Proof. Joint Meeting of the American Mathematical Society and the Mathematical Association of America, Orlando, January, 1996. (With G. Harel; I presented the paper.)

Is "Mathematics as Reasoning" (Standard 3) a Part of the Curriculum? Southern Section of the California Mathematics Council Annual Meeting, Palm Springs, November, 1995.

Revisiting Research on Concept Learning. Seventh International Congress on Mathematical Education, Quebec, 17-23 August 1992. (Geometry Working Group)

(1) What's Important about Multiplication and Division: Their Meanings. (2) The Various Meanings of the Four Basic Operations: How You Can Teach for Understanding. Presentation and workshop, National Council of Teachers of Mathematics, Eugene, OR, 19-21 March 1992.

Larry Sowder  

Larry Sowder
Professor Emeritus of Mathematics


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