Meredith Houle Vaughn


  • Ph.D., Curriculum & Instruction, Specialization in Science Education.  Boston College
  • M.Ed., Curriculum & Instruction, Boston College
  • B.S., Biology, Allegheny College 

Research Interests

I am associate professor of Science Education in the School of Teacher Education and a member of the Center for Research in Mathematics and Science Education. My research interests focus center of the development of teachers from novice to teacher leader.  

My early career work was grounded in how curriculum materials and professional development experiences might be designed to better support teachers in designing inquiry-based learning environments. In particular how approaches such as citizen science, focused on local and global socio-scientific issues, can be leveraged to engage students and teachers in meaningful science learning. 

More recently my work has focused on supporting teachers of science from novice to expert, particularly with a focus leveraging students’ ideas and the Next Generation Science Standards. Currently, I work within a community of faculty across universities to supporting novice teachers in NGSS through an NSF-funded project [see].  Through NSF-supported Project Learn, I have collaborated with colleagues and doctoral students to support novice and master teachers both their improvement of practice and becoming teacher leaders.

Meredith Houle Vaughn  

Meredith E. Houle Vaughn
Associate Professor
of Science Education


School of Teacher Education
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San Diego, CA 92182
Telephone: 619-594-3378
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Center for Research in Mathematics & Science Education
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E-Mail: [email protected]