SDSU Noyce Scholars and Interns Program

Lamb, L. (PI), Ross, D., Houle, M., Williams, K. & Pullman, D. (co-PIs). Supporting Science Teaching: SDSU’s Noyce Science Interns and Scholars Program. $1,249,500. Noyce Track 1 Phase 1, National Science Foundation, $1,249,500.

Supporting Science Teaching:
The SDSU Noyce Scholars and Interns Program

Overview. Supporting Science Teaching: The San Diego State University Noyce Scholars and Interns Program is a Phase I, Track 1 project with the objective to recruit a select group of high-achieving and diverse science majors into science teaching and provide support, through research-based learning experiences, to develop the recipients’ science content knowledge and teaching practices, and to nurture their enthusiasm for teaching by developing caring perspectives toward students. The project supports both Interns and Scholars. Interns are freshman and sophomore science majors who take part in a guided, paid internship in SDSU's science camp for grades 2-8 students; the day camp, designed to mutually benefit campers and Interns, began in Summer 2014 with seed money provided by a President’s Leadership Fund grant. Scholars are secondary science-credential candidates who receive $10,000 stipends and engage in a newly designed cohort for STEM-Credential students in SDSU’s strong, effective teacher-preparation program. Scholars are placed in classrooms of SDSU's extraordinary Noyce Master Teaching Fellows, who serve as guide teachers and mentors. Thus, Scholars are enculturated into the teaching community with San Diego’s most effective teachers. They continue to receive strong support and mentoring from the Noyce Master Teaching Fellows through their first years of teaching by visiting and receiving visits from the Noyce Master Teaching Fellows and attending professional development with the Fellows and SDSU faculty.