Educational Leadership Doctorate (Ed.D)
with a focus in PK-12 Science and Mathematics Education


The Doctor of Education (Ed.D.) in PK-12 School Leadership was the first independent doctoral degree within the CSU system and remains the largest. San Diego State University’s Ed.D. Program was initiated in response to a critical shortage of highly qualified educational leaders. The Ed.D. Program, with a focus on science and mathematics education, was founded with the goal of producing leaders who will be agents of change for the implementation of positive reform in science and mathematics education. Supported by research, the Ed.D. Program facilitates the pathway for doctoral students to be optimally prepared to translate theory into practice in an actionable and effective way. 

Designed for experienced science and/or mathematics education professionals interested in advancing their research and leadership skills, the 3-year program is intended for those who strive to leverage their individual impact by becoming critical thinkers informed through scholarly literature, collaborative problem solvers, and ultimately transformational agents of positive change. Experiences in the Ed.D. program are tailored to the candidates’ interests and goals through apprenticeships, program evaluation projects, practicum opportunities, presentations, and independent research. Candidates will find coursework actionable by design, with the goal of of producing educational leaders who improve science and mathematics education via: 

  • understanding of organizational change and strategy
  • exploration of equitable and ethical resource management
  • implementation of effective and student-centered instructional leadership
  • facilitation of clear two-way communication
  • recognition and valuing of K-12 students' scientific and mathematical thinking
  • production of reflective and mutually beneficial collaboration

The graduating class of 2022 in the Ed.D. PK-12 School Leadership with a Focus on Science and Mathematics Education have diverse backgrounds within education, including:

  • High school principals
  • Charter school directors
  • District Science and Math Specialists and Resource Teachers
  • 6-12 Mathematics teachers
  • 6-12 Science teachers
  • K-5 teachers
  • County Offices of Education employees
  • Executive Directors of informal science education organizations
  • Non-Formal science education directors
  • Curriculum writers

A new cohort begins the program in May, 2022. The application process opens soon.   

For more information about the Ed.D. Program and application instruction, please see the SDSU Educational Leadership website.