Child working through problems
Our Mission
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Our Vision
Every child willing and prepared to use mathematics to solve the world’s problems.

Our Mission
Empowering teachers as they guide children toward becoming capable, curious, and fearless mathematicians. 

Our Beliefs

  • Math should make sense.
  • All children are able to learn math at high levels.
  • Children’s thinking, not curriculum, should guide instruction.
  • Conceptual understanding must precede procedural fluency.
  • Children are able to solve challenging problems without first being shown what to do.
  • Teachers are our most important resource and we must invest in them accordingly.
  • School administrators must understand the importance of effective math instruction and be actively involved with this work.

Today’s schools need to prepare students for a world that will require them to  apply mathematics to novel, complex problems. It is no longer sufficient to focus exclusively on teaching procedures and facts--students must understand and engage with mathematical concepts deeply. CGI prepares teachers, the most important factor in our children's education, to do this important work.