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San Diego State University is fortunate that three current and former faculty members, Rebecca Ambrose, Vicki Jacobs, and Randy Philipp, were involved with the original CGI research conducted at the University of Wisconsin-Madison as graduate students. Once here in San Diego, they initiated both formal and informal collaborations with local teachers, sharing their expertise and their deep curiosity about children’s mathematical thinking. Thanks to them, San Diego is home to a strong community of CGI teachers and trainers who continue to partner with the university in hopes of bringing the highest quality mathematics instruction to the children of our community. The CGI Professional Development Collaboration is an extension of this work.

CGI Overview
Cognitively Guided Instruction (CGI) is rooted in the idea that children’s thinking, rather than a curriculum, should inform instructional decisions. Research demonstrates that this environment results in higher achievement for all students. The CGI Professional Development Collaborative at San Diego State University is excited to offer CGI courses to the teachers of our community.